When Your Feelings Show

by John Fausett

Released 2015
Released 2015
This album contains mostly acoustic rock & harmony songs that deal with various feelings we encounter --- some about love and heartbreak, some about nature, the holidays, even getting fired!
To me, the quality of music and lyrics really jumped up a notch in the 1970s, and has leveled off some since. Most of my songs reflect this era, particularly the songwriters of that time. I try to express myself a little more in depth on my website at weather drip.com or on my YouTube channel (weatherdrip). On this album, I got help from my brother-in-law Chris Ebiner and my son (who goes by the alias "Marvin Zachary") with lead guitar, and my daughter Melody added the better keyboard parts.

The 60s and 70s are my Musical Roots

Weather hazards, the Desert Southwest, various relationships, following the Lord...it's all here! Maybe you'll be inspired to become a songwriter, too! Be prepared for 70s style harmonies. 


A Sampling of Songs

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