Weather Music Gallery

by John Fausett

Released 2006
WeatherDrip Music
Released 2006
WeatherDrip Music
A blend of Classic Rock, Soft Rock, Blues and Country
For starters, music has been a part of me since I was a toddler. For years I impersonated artists on the Top 40, mainly during the 60s and 70s. But in 1976 a friend challenged me to write my own songs, and so it began.

Weather phenomena have been used as metaphors in songs for ages. (I did it, too!) But in how many songs is weather the big star? Fewer yet promote weather preparedness and safety. So, in 1999, I began writing songs that would complement my job’s (National Weather Service) mission: "To save lives and property!!!"

I’ve been told most of my weather songs have a characteristic “morbid shock line”. Well, it seems to get the message across! If a few lives can be saved, so be it!

The 60s and 70s are my Musical Roots

Weather hazards, the Desert Southwest, various relationships, following the's all here! Maybe you'll be inspired to become a songwriter, too! Be prepared for 70s style harmonies. 


A Sampling of Songs

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