The Power of a Song

by John Fausett

Released 2017
Released 2017
Styles include 70s folk rock, adult contemporary, pop rock, blues rock, country rock and country, while subjects vary from relationship issues to nature to "get real."
I've recorded several albums, but this is the first one where my son Michael did all the electric guitars and keyboards. That's a good thing. I'm considered a "dreamer", and I try to address this in "Foolish Fantasy" and "Foot Inside The Door." But I also love nature, which is evident in several of the songs. The 70s influence is quite obvious, with shades of Pink Floyd in selection 6 and an upbeat Dan Fogelberg on song 9. You'll enjoy the harmonies and song structures as well as the lyrics.

The 60s and 70s are my Musical Roots

Weather hazards, the Desert Southwest, various relationships, following the's all here! Maybe you'll be inspired to become a songwriter, too! Be prepared for 70s style harmonies. 


A Sampling of Songs

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